(WTNH) – ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is more, more, more! An A24 production, this gory whodunnit centers around a group of 20-year-olds who gather for a hurricane party, and a party game that goes horribly wrong.

The biggest name in the cast is probably Pete Davidson, who’s also in the news for his recent breakup with Kim Kardashian. That in and of itself is its own gory whodunnit.

‘Bodies’ is loaded with scares, and it’s also got a deeper social commentary, as it shows podcasters and TikTockers turn on each other in a sprawling mansion until the killer is revealed.

In ‘Emily the Criminal’ serves up a tour de force from Aubrey Plaza, from NBC’s ‘Parks and Rec’. She plays a recent college grad with just enough debt to get involved in a credit card scam. This, of course, only leads to bigger and badder jobs.

The next thing she knows, Plaza finds herself in an underworld she not only can’t get out of, but she may not even want to.

It’s a fantastic movie to watch with the kids before shipping them off to freshmen year!