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At the Movies: “Call of the Wild” and “Brahms: The Boy II”


(WTNH) — Horror and Harrison at the box office this weekend.

Ford helps bring the Jack London masterpiece “Call of the Wild” to life. London was a master of man’s best friend tales and who better than Indiana Jones himself to brave the Yukon of the 1890s with the big, lovable Buck, a domesticated dog that suddenly finds himself a rookie on a mail delivery dog sled team.

Buck was stolen – didn’t ask for this – and has to fight to earn his place with the pooches. Published in 1903, the sucker holds up, and Ford and the massive and beautiful Buck make for both a funny and heartwarming team. I mean, Buck’s no Chewbacca, but I think we all know that!

As for the horror, “Brahms: The Boy II” hits theaters. Not necessarily a sequel anyone saw coming, the first film about a spooky doll named Brahms living in Heelshire mansion was a modest hit in 2015. But now the mansion has new residents, as in Katie Holmes and her son, and a realtor who left out the mansion’s history. I just hope it does well enough for a Brahms/Annabelle crossover.

“Call of the Wild” is PG and “Brahms: The Boy II” is PG-13.

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