(WTNH) — You’d think something called ‘Cocaine Bear’ would be made by the ‘Sharknado’ people and destined for the SYFY channel. You’d be wrong.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, who gave us ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and even that underrated ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘Bear’ is not only the late Ray Liotta’s final movie, it’s based on a true story! Kind of, anyway.

A duffel bag full of blow is tossed from an airplane and lands in rural Georgia, where a 500-lb. bear devours it. Then, he goes on a killing spree. Not-so-gentle Ben makes the bear from “The Revenant” look like Yogi.

At the arthouse sex education, Emma Mackey plays Emily as in Brontë. She’s ill and near death, recounting to her sister how she came to write her classic “Wuthering Heights,” where the equally classic comic strip character Heathcliff came from.