At the Movies: “Come Play” and “The Craft: Legacy”


Chills and thrills to be found this weekend, both in theaters and at home.

At the theater, it’s “Come Play.” Like the little girl who was contacted by evil spirits through her TV in “Poltergeist,” here, a little boy on the spectrum is being contacted through his tablet. Larry is a monster the boy befriends on his tablet, coming to life simply by the non-verbal boy reading a seemingly harmless illustrated Halloween e-book.

Except larry ain’t harmless; he’s 10 feet tall, skeletal, and his loneliness lends itself to terror. Larry isn’t the scariest of names, but Babadook and Pumpkinhead were taken.

Streaming, it’s “The Craft: Legacy,” which is not a remake of the Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk hit of 25 years ago – it’s a straight-up Blumhouse sequel. Three witches need to find a fourth for their coven, but this time they’ll do it without classic 90s tunes in the background. Heck, they’re doing it to a slowed-down, creepy version of Cyndi Lauper’s 80s anthem “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” and these witches do, and then some. Fans of the 1996 cult classic will be happy. Yes, 1996. That means there could be sequels to, like, “Swingers” or “Kingpin,” right?

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