At the Movies: ‘Dark Waters’, ‘Playmobil’, and ‘Honey Boy’


(WTNH) — This weekend at the movies, it’s all about Hulk, Horst, and ‘Honey Boy.’

First up, Mark Ruffalo, Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, plays a corporate defense attorney who switches sides in ‘Dark Waters.’ Cattle are dropping like flies in a small town and he’s pretty sure the company he’s long been defending is the reason why. The waters are dark with poison because DuPont is using them as a dumping ground. Will the small town’s kids fall next?

Ruffalo’s got the good guy gotta do the right thing shtick down pat, but every time the camera pans left you’re looking for Thor or Rocket the raccoon.

Horst is the first name of the guy who invented Playmobil toys; ‘Playmobil: the Movie’ is here for the kids, breaking off a piece of that Lego love. It starts live action but the fun begins when the kids become actual toys, and vikings, pirates, cavemen, and even musical numbers follow. Adam Lambert, Jim Gaffigan, and Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe lend their voices. What would Dumbledore say?

It’s been a long road from ‘Even Stevens’ to Indiana Jones’ kid for Shia LaBeouf, and he put it all in ‘Honey Boy.’ He’s starring as his own father here to a child star, played by Noah Jupe and later Lucas Hedges – a guy who struggled with being on his own kid’s payroll. Powerful stuff. But he couldn’t throw Amanda Bynes a cameo?

‘Honey Boy’ rated R, ‘Playmobil’ is rated G, and ‘Dark Waters’ is rated PG-13.

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