(WTNH) — Weren’t those ‘Evil Dead’ fans always a curious lot? With their Misfits records and chainsaw tattoos? They’re either really excited about this ‘Evil Dead’ reboot or dead-set against it.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ is not directed by Sam Raimi — it has a barely there Bruce Campbell cameo — Ash himself, and only his voice, and goes for legit scares as opposed to camp. But those scares are just that: legit.

Two not-so-close sisters have a quick visit but find a strange book in the basement that unleashes demons. In my house, we called that my high school yearbook.

‘Beau is Afraid’ is where it’s at — the third film from Ari Aster. It stars Oscar-winner Juaquin Phoenix and mommy issues are central to this movie too. Beau is trying desperately to get home to her, even though he’s spent his life in therapy because of her.

It’s an odyssey, Aster’s specialty, with Patti Lupone as Beau’s mom, who expects unconditional love, while hers is totally conditional. Hopefully it stays in theaters until Mother’s Day!