(WTNH) – I think the better title for this weekend’s eagerly anticipated horror opus is “Exorcist 2: The Return of Regan’s Mom,” but “Exorcist Believer” it is!

Movie number six for the franchise but a direct sequel to the legendary first flick, which is now 50 years old, and Ellen Burstyn returns. Maybe she’ll tell us what Linda Blair’s Regan is up to. I imagine her as a stage mom.

“Exorcist Believer” is about two young girls who are both possessed and Burstyn’s Chris MacNeil has been there. done that. Director and Writer David Gordon Green is ignoring all sequels, as he considers the first to be the scariest movie of all time.

He’s treating late director Willaim Friedkins’ first film as canon and his goal is to match the cares, and a lofty goal it is.

There’s also “The Royal Hotel” which is terrifying in its own way. Starring Ozark’s Julia Garner and Game of Thrones and Matrix Resurrections’ star Jessica Henwick.

They’re besties backpacking in Australia when they take a temp job for a few bucks that has them mixing with locals in a way that gets increasingly wracking and creepy. Think down under deliverance.