At the Movies: “Extraction” and “Driveways”


Chris Hemsworth’s latest film hits living rooms this weekend, “Extraction.” If you dug Ryan Reynold’s Netflix flick “6 Underground” then you’ll love this.

“Extraction” finds Hemsworth working with Marvel’s elite Russo Brothers again, but here they produce, with the script written by Joe Russo. Interestingly, the Captain America Chris Evans stunt double directs. Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake – you just can’t be anything but tough as nails with a name like that – a mercenary enlisted to rescue the teenage son of a jailed drug lord whose biggest rival has his hands on the kid. Rake saves the day, and bonds with the kid along the way.

Speaking of bonding with kids, we get Brian Dennehy’s last film this weekend, too. Connecticut’s own passed just this week but left behind a gem called “Driveways.” He’s a widowed veteran named Del who befriends a little boy who turns up next door to help his mom clean out her sister’s house. So, they bond over loss. You just know Dennehy’s Del is going to unleash a heck of a monologue to the boy. Since it’s Dennehy though, it’s more like a “manologue.”

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