(WTNH) — Vin Diesel and Company are back — and I do mean and Company.

The “Fast & Furious” movies turned into “Love Boat” years ago — they just keep adding familiar faces. This time, it’s Brie Larson, Rite Moreno, Jason Mamoa, and Charo. Mamoa is another figure from Dom Toretto’s past, and another one saying he’s going to destroy everything — and everyone — Dom loves.

Expect big monologues about family, bigger action sequences, and the biggest box office.

There’s also elaborate action in “Polite Society,” a wild ride of a movie itself. Ria is a martial artist who dreams of being a stuntwoman, and when her sister is swept off her feet, she smells a rat. Turns out to be Price Charming’s mom.

This is “Scott Pilgrim” meets “Kill Bill,” Charo not included.