(WTNH) – Zac Efron is now playing dads. The good news is that it’s in a remake of the 80s cult classic ‘Firestarter,’ about his young daughter who can make things burst into flames.

Originally played by Drew Barrymore, who would have been great as the mom in this Blumhouse reboot. John Carpenter was to direct the original, but here contributes the score. It’s pitch-perfect as a shady federal agency wants the kid to use as a weapon.

It all begs the question, ‘Cujo’ remake next?

On Netflix, Rebel Wilson’s ‘Senior Year’ is said to join the ranks of high school comedies like ‘Clueless’ and ‘Mean Girls,’ except she’s 37. She’s been in a coma since that year, only to wake up and still want to enjoy it. Alicia Silverstone even shows up, but no Paul Rudd, who actually still looks like he did in high school.