At the Movies: ‘Freaky’ and ‘Away’


A great Friday the 13th to be had in theaters. “Freaky,” starring Vince Vaughn, is a riff on the classic “Freaky Friday.” But here, it’s not a mother and daughter magically changing places – it’s a serial killer and a high school girl.

Vaughn is on top of his game, the funniest he’s been on screen in a while, as a teenage girl who has mastered snark and sarcasm. But this is Blumhouse, so the slashing and the bashing go hand in hand. The body Vaughn trades places with is Kathryn Newton’s, from HBO’s “Big Little Lies” and “The Society” from Netflix.

Fans of “Freaky Friday” will get a kick out of it, and maybe there will be a Jodie foster cameo. There won’t. But Lindsay Lohan – total possibility.

If it’s still Video on Demand for you, watch “Come Away.” This huge movie starring Angelina Jolie asks us to believe that Peter Pan and Alice of Wonderland were actually brother and sister; before she went down that rabbit hole, of course. Cinematography is splendid, as is that concept. Wonderland and Neverland are both visited, and we may just find out why that Hatter is so mad.

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