(WTNH) – ‘Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul’ is a comedy that pulls back the curtain on the megachurch.

If you’re missing NBC’s six-season show ‘This Is Us’, then you’re in luck! This movie has Sterling K. Brown’s acting dialed up to a 10. He plays a pastor looking for a comeback after his church closes due to, you guessed it, a scandal.

Produced by Jordan Peele and with Brown’s wife played by Regina Hall, it’s the can’t-miss movie content. Plus, the title sounds a bit like a Stryper album, right?

Let’s move on to ‘Burial’, starring Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton. This movie’s main antagonists are Nazi werewolves, and yes, you read that right.

The movie is set in the final days of World Way II, and while Allied soldiers are trying to get Hitler’s remains out of Germany, they’re attacked by these dangerous enemies.