(WTNH) — Beloved characters The Northman and horror-icon Pearl take a nice long trip in this latest film, the ‘Infinity Pool’.

We mean Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth, of course, and the film is directed by Brandon Cronenberg. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree in this depraved, disturbing flick.

A group of people leave a resort, except there’s one problem: guests never leave the resort. The hedonism that awaits has them regretting trying to go home. Break the law here and you’re executed.

Or, if you’re rich enough, you can somehow watch yourself be executed! Fun, right?

One critic has called the film a ‘White Lotus’ for sickos. But we’re pretty sure that was already the target demographic here.

And the next movie ‘To Leslie’ went next level at the box office, thanks to an Oscar nomination for Leslie herself, Andrea Riseborough. She plays a single mother who wins the literal lottery but blows through her money in record time.

Now, she needs to move in with her skeptical son to stay afloat.

(And if you’re curious, she blows through $190,000. Yes, you read that right).