(WTNH) — In 2014, the takeaway was you can trash a guy’s home and steal his vintage Mustang, but you just don’t kill his dog — especially when that guy is a retired hitman mourning his dead wife.

Ten years and three movies later, that guy – John Wick – is now fending-off executioners and samurai everywhere from Paris to Japan to Berlin. He just wanted to raise his Beagle puppy.

Keanu Reaves took what was to be a one-off and turned it into a huge franchise, with spin-offs for characters played by Halle Berry and Ana De Armas coming too. In ‘John Wick 4,’ the price on his head has everyone out to collect.

Wick can’t even get his shoes shined in peace. And our guy is always dripped out. So it’s the Bowery King to the rescue — Laurence Fishburne — just like in the Matrix movies, who arrives in Paris with a weapon and a new ballistic suit for Wick.

The action is non-stop. No soft drinks, because soft drinks mean bathroom breaks, and you don’t want to miss a thing.