(WTNH) – Martin Scorsese took on MCU fans and now he’s moving on to Swifties, and he’s bringing Leo and De Niro.

“Killers of the Flower Moon” is over three hours long. set in the 1920s and is about bad people doing bad things, all in the name of, shocker here, oil.

A series of deaths on tribal land in Oklahoma brings the FBI, in the form of the always-good Jesse Plemons, to DiCaprio’s door. He’s a banker, who is newly married to a Native American, and life is pretty good for these people who’ve had oil discovered on their land until it isn’t.

These people were dying, leaving the profits from their oil rights to their white spouses. So Leo is the prime suspect. But how much does he really know?

His wife Mollie, who Lily Gladstone plays, is presently restoring the mantle in her LA home from the Oscar that will be sitting on it by the Spring. DiCaprio’s uncle is nefarious banker William King Hale. The king is clearly gone to his head, with De Niro stopping just short of revisiting his Al Capone.

It’s a Scorcese epic. Sprawling, ambitious, compelling. You might just hear a bunch of teenage girls singing “We are never getting back together.”