At the Movies: “Last Christmas” and “Doctor Sleep”


(WTNH) — Not to be outdone by the Hallmark Channel, “Last Christmas” hits theaters this early November weekend.

The rom-com stars Emilia Clarke from “Game of Thrones”, wingless but as whimsical as she was in “Me Before You.”

She’s working at a Christmas store but just not feeling it. It’s the total opposite of Will Ferrell in “Elf”. (But, I mean, he was an elf.)

Her disenchanted Kate keeps running into a guy who’s totally feeling the season though, and soon enough they’ll have feelings for each other.

Written by Emma Thompson, it’s pretty obvious she wants her own “Love Actually” here, and critics are using words like “Forced” and “Obvious.” They said the same of “Love Actually” when it was released, and we all watch that every season, don’t we?

There’s also “Doctor Sleep,” the sequel to “The Shining.” Was I hoping “Cujo” would be the Stephen King sequel we got? — Sure, but it is what it is.

Young Danny, who rode around that creepy hotel and kept saying ‘redrum’, is all grown up and played by Ewan McGregor. Danny escaped the hotel with his mom, and grew up and into his psychic abilities, which he calls “The Shining.”

He finds out he’s not alone as far as these powers go. The catch is, there’s a cult seeking them all out, wanting to feed on these powers.

Doctor Sleep is rated R and Last Christmas is PG-13.

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