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At the Movies: “Like a boss” and “Underwater”


(WTNH) — Both scares and cheers at the box office this weekend.

The cheers come from “Like a Boss,” a beauty/buddy comedy with Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne as besties despite very different ideas when it comes to running their business, Mel and Mia’s, a beauty company.

Haddish’s business is comedy, we all know this, but it’s time to start acknowledging just how hilarious Byrne is. From “Bridesmaids” to the “Neighbors” movies to “Juliet, Naked” and Melissa McCarthy’s “Spy,” Byrne is one of the most consistently funny actresses working today and this is her movie.

Okay, break off a piece for Haddish and for Salma Hayek as the Buxom benefactor who’s really just looking to steal their li’l company. It could just be the boss at the box office this weekend.

The scares come from “Underwater,” starring Kristen Stewart, redeeming herself for “Charlie’s Angels.” A research station located seven miles beneath the surface of the ocean with a crew of seven is suddenly terrorized by….Something. The trailer does a good job preventing us from knowing just what. Will it be a variation on “Alien” or will the monster wind up being something akin to “The Meg?” We’re hoping this is a cleverly disguised creature from the Black Lagoon remake. Seriously.

“Underwater” is rated PG-13 and “Like a Boss” is rated R.

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