(WTNH) — In 2012, Channing Tatum couldn’t have known two vital things about his hit movie, ‘Magic Mike’.

First was that the director’s choice to go with Matthew McConaughey over News 8’s Gil Simmons was a good call, and second, ‘Magic Mike’ is a trilogy series.

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ is exactly that, a last hoorah. Tatum’s character Mike Lane is so broke he comes out of retirement to head across the pond with Salma Hayek, to show Londoners what they’ve been missing and get women talking.

And speaking of women talking, ‘Women Talking’ is up for a few Oscars, and it stars Rooney Mara and three-time winner Frances McDormand. The two of them live in a religious community, where they haven’t been talking about something horrible involving the men for years.

Some of them weren’t even sure the horrors were happening. But, the talking begins, and with it comes karma.

A special nod goes to Connecticut’s own Erik Bloomquist for his ‘She Came From The Woods’. That was also filmed in Connecticut, and it’s an ode to 80s-style horror.

When it comes to 80s nostalgia, the film is spot on. One character even Kiefer Sutherland’s haircut from ‘The Lost Boys’.