(WTNH) — There’s a storm brewing in the upcoming movie, ‘Missing’.

Yes, we mean that literally. The film stars Storm Reid, who went from ’12 Years a Slave’ to ‘Euphoria’ and now HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’. She’s really on a roll!

Reid plays a girl whose mom disappears on vacation in Colombia, and now she has to find her mom herself. There’s too much international red tape, so the teenager uses what she knows best: technology.

Yep, it’s TikTok to the rescue! But thanks to the big tech that today’s kids are so good with, she finds out she really never knew her mom at all…

Then, at the arthouse, it’s ‘Corsage’. Vicky Krieps, from ‘Phantom Threat’ and ‘Old’, is stressed out about just that: getting old! Especially as she’s the 19th-century Empress of Austria.

Corsage means corset in this context, and she’s just not about those anymore. She’s rebelling against all things associated with her birthday coming up. Her 40th birthday, in fact.

Ah, what a time to turn 40, right?