(WTNH) – Oscar-winner Jordan Peele wants people in theaters to just keep saying one word … “Nope”.

That’s the name of his third outing, a movie that combines western, sci-fi, and horror in one film. He’s got Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya back, and Keke Palmer, plus plenty of UFOs. The two actors play siblings who run Hollywood’s only black-owned horse ranch.

There’s a lot of looking up at the sky and riding horses away from things that cast enormous shadows. Peele calls the film a wild combination of ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Jaws’.

‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ is finally in Connecticut. The indie gem is based on a popular YouTube series and children’s books about a one-inch tall shell voiced by Jenny Slate, who also created the character.

The film is cleverly shot as a documentary, starting off with Marcel living with his grandmother who has dementia, and Marcel becomes a YouTube star. It’s a touching film that some have even called profound.