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At the Movies – “Ocean’s 8”


This weather may not scream ocean, but there’s ‘Ocean’s 8!’ Not 11. But this female take isn’t a less than thing – maybe it’s more like eight is enough when it comes to ladies doing the job. 

Let’s go with that. Here it’s Debbie Ocean – not Danny, who was first played by Sinatra, and then by Clooney. Played by Sandra Bullock, she’s eyeing a necklace worth $150 million, not a casino. 

When asked why she’s even doing this by sidekick Cate Blanchett she simply replies, “it’s what I do.” That’s Bullock’s Ocean: eyes on the prize, focus, ignore all else – especially  that ‘Ghostbusters’ that tanked two summers back. 

Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, my girl Helena Bonham Carter – they’re all along for the ride. Where is this heist to take place, by the way? The Met Gala

Filmmakers worked closely with Vogue staffers to make sure they got ‘fashion’s biggest night right.’ Clearly a whole lot of money went to clothing here but the same could be said for the Clooney/Brad Pitt/Matt Damon franchise – which, in retrospect, was only a hit because they left Ben Affleck out. 

Bullock chafes at calling this a sequel, saying she’s no fan of those, which she already proved by not doing a sequel to the hilarious “The Heat” with Ghostbuster Melissa McCarthy. 

Like none of us have ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’ on DVD, Sandra! 

‘Oceans 8’ is rated pg-13  

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