At the Movies: “Our Friend” and “The White Tiger”


Have you been wondering where funnyman Jason Segel has been? The guy who gave us all back the Muppets, and wrote and starred in the hysterical “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”? Well, here he is, in “Our Friend,” the true story of a woman dying of cancer, with Segel playing her friend dedicated to her on her journey. Yeah, not a comedy. Well, wait…Segel does do what he does best – bring levity to situations begging for them.

The woman is Dakota Johnson and her husband is Oscar winner Casey Affleck. The movie is based on an article, of all things, written by the real husband for Esquire magazine. Segel plays a guy who really doesn’t have a life, so he’s able to devote all his time to his friend losing hers. The OG plays a true BFF.

For at-home streaming, you’ve got “The White Tiger,” starring Priyanka Chopra. It’s getting rave reviews, and described as an Indian “Goodfellas” — Imagine that pitch in a Hollywood studio. Chopra is Pinky, and her chauffeur is intent on being much more than that. And he’ll do whatever it takes to get to the next level. The tagline of the best-seller it’s based on is ‘create your fate.’ The guys in Goodfellas sure did that, with varying results.

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