At the Movies – “Peppermint” & “The Nun”


A woman with no man by her side, no one by her side actually, wreaks a very real havoc on all who dare cross her path.

But we’ll get to ‘The Nun’ in a sec.

First, Jennifer Garner is ‘Peppermint’. A return to her ‘Alias’ form, the J.J. Abrams TV series that made her a star in the first place. When her husband and daughter are gunned down right before her eyes and the killers are simply set free, what else can she do but lay in wait, train extensively, and get revenge? 

It is a kick to see those old ‘Alias’ kicks fly again, especially after Garner has spent so much time reduced to dish-wiping wife roles in teen dramas. When asked what it was like doing fight scenes again garner said, “like riding a bike.” I bet she pictured Ben Affleck’s face every time she felt like she didn’t have another take in her.

And, yes, ‘The Nun’ hits theaters too, which the Vatican can’t be happy about. They can’t exactly complain about it these days though.

‘Nun’ is more horror fare from the ‘Conjuring’ crew. In fact, this nun first appeared in ‘The Conjuring 2.’

If you’re looking to jump in your seat a whole lot over the course of two hours, a demonic nun will do the trick. ‘The Nun’ is the second Conjuring spin-off, after ‘Annabelle’. An Annabelle/Chucky crossover could be a blast; but don’t skimp on the sweet. Get Nicholas Sparks in that writer’s room.

Both films are rated ‘R’.

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