At the Movies – “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” and “Tolkien”


Something for everyone this weekend at the movies!

The moms get “Poms,” with Diane Keaton forming a cheerleading squad at her retirement community. 

There’s “The Hustle,” Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson‘s riff on “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. 

There’s a great biopic and, of course, the kids get “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.” 

That’s right, while every Marvel actor continues to make appearances on behalf of “Avengers Endgame,” Ryan Reynolds – Marvel’s “Deadpool” – is out there saying things like “I play a furry wisecracking detective.”

Director Rob Letterman already successfully got “Goosebumps” to the big screen, so he can Pokemon go with the best of them, and there’s a murder mystery backdrop to boot. Plus, Reynolds improvs gem after gem here, like he does in the Deadpool movies.  Just, ya know, without that really creative cursing of his.

As for the biopic I mentioned, that’d be “Tolkien.” Nicholas Hoult plays the famed author, in the years just before “The Lord Of The Rings” books made him a household name. 

Hoult will also soon be on the big screen in “X-Men Dark Phoenix,” so man even he’s getting to talk Marvel! “Tolkien” veers toward rom com at times thanks to the author’s love interest edith, played by Lily Collins, who was the biggest champion of what was then obviously considered ambitious: a trilogy. 

They like to sneak away to act out scenes from “Lord Of The Rings” just for fun, which helps round out a movie that ultimately is about celebrating imagination.

“Pokemon’ is rated PG and “Tolkien” is PG-13.  

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