At the Movies: ‘Rambo: Last Blood’, ‘Ad Astra’ and ‘Downton Abbey’


(WTNH) — Three blockbusters are headed to theaters this weekend: “Rambo: Last Blood”, “Ad Astra”, and “Downton Abbey.”

Stallone’s up first with “Rambo: Last Blood”. Last time we saw Vietnam Vet Rambo was 2008, with the credits rolling as he finally returned home to the family farm.

“Last Blood” picks up with Rambo having a normal, quiet life with a young lady named Gabrielle, who even calls him Uncle John. When Gabrielle goes missing in Mexico what else is he supposed to do? “He’s coming for her.”

Stallone says fans will finally see the stoic one man war machine explore his emotions. Family farm, emotions, can “A Very Rambo Christmas” be far off?

“Downton Abbey” sees PBS’ highest-rated dramatic series of all time picking up right where it left off.

The year is 1927. King George V and Queen Mary are touring Yorkshire and plan to spend the night at Downton. The sets, the opulence – it’s all here. 20 of the actors, and the series creator, take the ride, with the creator even saying that when he wrote the finale, he knew not to shut the door too tightly.

Finally, Brad Pitt’s “Ad Astra” officially kicks off Oscar talk season, rightly so. The oft-overlooked Pitt is cool as can be yet again as Major Roy McBride, on a top secret space mission to neptune that involves his father, who has been missing for some three decades.

Papa McBride is played by none other than Tommy Lee Jones. Yes, Tommy Lee Jones as Brad Pitt’s father…it kinda works. Maybe not “Legends of the Fall”-era Brad, but in general.

“Ad Astra” and “Downton Abbey” are rated PG, and “Rambo Last Blood” is rated R.

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