At the Movies – “Ready or Not” and “After the Wedding”


(WTNH)– It’s weddings and orphans this weekend as far as the new stuff is concerned.

“Ready Or Not,” billed as a sinister comedy, is about an orphan marrying into a big ol’ family her fiance has been keeping her away from, no matter how much she says she wants to be part of one. Turns out he’s got good reason.

See, a century earlier the fam made a deal with the devil to launch a board game empire. Yes, the devil. Their price? Whenever someone marries into the family play some hide and seek wedding night. But the seeking is more like hunting.

Written by the guy who wrote “The Purge” you can figure out where things go from here. Will the bride survive the night? The hunters – I mean, in-laws (which can be synonymous) – have until sunrise to kill her or they all die horrible deaths. The groom’s declaration of love at the outset is so sincere and legitimate it does beg the question, didja even think about just living together?

And there’s “After The Wedding.” Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams runs a Calcutta orphanage that needs money. There’s a wealthy donor nibbling so she’s off to New York to meet her. Turns out to be Oscar winner Julianne Moore, with Williams’ character having a history with Moore’s husband, played by Billy Crudup.

What is Moore’s end game? If Williams wants the 20 mil to save her orphanage she’ll have to go along to find out.

‘Ready Or Not’ is rated R, and ‘After The Wedding’ is PG-13.

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