At the movies – “Shaft,” “Men in Black: International,” and “The Dead Don’t Die”


What’s the perfect movie for dear old dad this Father’s Day?

“The Dead Don’t Die?” shut yo mouth! It’s obviously “Shaft!” Samuel L. Jackson is back some 20 years after his underappreciated reboot. Richard Roundtree – the original Shaft- is back too. But this Shaft focuses on son of Shaft, played by Jessie Usher. He’s an MIT grad whose friend’s mysterious death results in him having to look the old man up.

 Dad wasn’t around when his boy was growing up so he owes him, and who better for a quick tour of Harlem’s seedy underbelly than shaft? But be forewarned: this “Shaft,” directed by Tim Story who gave us the “Ride Along” movies, is pretty much a comedy. Can ya dig it? 

There’s also “Men In Black International,” which is Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones-free. Instead Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson, Thor’s sidekick Valkyrie in Avengers End Game, are the new duo. 

There is now a London branch of MIB and the UK is having its fair share of aliens posing as humans too. Sound misguided? Never underestimate Hemsworth – especially when it comes to comedy. 

And as I mentioned, there’s “The Dead Don’t Die,” a Jim Jarmusch zombie comedy starring Adam Driver, Selena Gomez and Bill Murray, who got loads of laughs In “Zombieland.”

When I was a kid we loved watching Bill Murray try to kill a gopher so it would stand to reason that today’s kids will love to see him taking on Zombies. 

“Dead” and “Shaft” are rated R, While Men In Black is PG-13.   

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