(WTNH) — The Rock came and went as Black Adam, Henry Cavill was back as Superman for about a minute, and a whole Batgirl movie was made but won’t be released.

But as Chief O’Hara from the old Batman TV show used to say: “Saints preserve us.” The Shazam sequel is here!

“Shazam Fury of the Gods” finds Zachary Levi back in the cape — that is when Asher Angel’s Billy Baston actually says “Shazam,” and he’s fighting the daughters of Atlas, played by Lucy Liu, Rachel Zegler, and Helen Mirren. They want a weapon that can destroy the world, and he can’t have that.

There are actually six foster kids turning into Shazams here, including Jack Dylan Graser. That’s a lot of Shazams and there’s a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. Some might be surprised by Mirren joining the cast, but I mean, she was in “Hobbs & Shaw.”