(WTNH) — October is right around the corner, which means scary movie season is in full swing!

‘Smile’ is the latest horror offering, and you’ll do anything but smile with all the jump scares. Our main character Dr. Rose Cotter sees a patient experiencing something terrifying and the visit does not end well. Then, Cotter begins experiencing the exact. Same. Thing.

Smiling is contagious, isn’t it?

But Cotter does not want the same ending as her patient, so she’s in for the fight of her life.

‘Bros’ is the latest comedy from producer Judd Apatow and directed by the guy behind hilarious films like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Neighbors’.

Billy Eichner stars as a museum curator writing a rom-com, who meets a macho lawyer named Aaron. Before long, our two bros aren’t just bros anymore.

Finally, a special nod to ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’, which has a powerhouse cast of actors and actresses. This includes Zac Effron, Bill Murray, and Rossel Crowe to name a few. Oscar-winning director Peter Farrelly follows up his hit film ‘Green Book’ with another unbelievably true story with this movie.

The scene is set in 1967, and our main character Chickie Donahue (Zac Effron) leaves New York to find his buddies in Vietnam and bring them a few brews.

One thing is for sure, Effron is a long way from High School Musical with this one!