At the Movies: ‘Spiral’ and ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’


Chris Rock and Sam Jackson together. You’d think it would be a buddy comedy where they’re cops spilling coffee on each other, racing to some scene. Not a spin-off of the “Saw” franchise, but that’s what “Spiral” is, and Rock actually came up with the story.

They are both cops in it, but not partners. Jackson is the boss and the dad. Rock is a brash detective that finds himself trapped in one of those crazy “Jigsaw” games. Here, it’s a “Jigsaw” copycat though.

Rock says he’s been wanting to get into horror for a while, which is like Anthony Hopkins wanting in an Adam Sandler movie.

Angelina Jolie returns too! She’s playing a fire warden, of all things, in “Those Who Wish Me Dead”. She rescues a boy whose father was just killed. The killers are on his trail so she’s got them and a blaze to keep the boy safe from. Nice to see Jolie back in action.

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