(WTNH) — Disney’s “Strange World” kicks off this holiday season!

Jake Gyllenhall, Dennis Quaid, and Gabrielle Union lend their voices to the epic film. It’s certainly a spectacle, as the movie follows a family of explorers facing their most dangerous mission yet, which leads them to … a strange world.

Will this new place end up being Earth all along? With Quaid shouting at the Statue of Liberty just as the credits roll?

Steven Spielberg’s “The Fablemans” starts down the road to the Oscars.

Young Sammy Fableman dreams of being a filmmaker after his mother, played by Michelle Williams, takes him to a great one. He wants his dreams so much that he starts to make his own home movies.

Sammy is a stand-in for Steven in this autobiography, and there’s no word on any shark casting.

Finally, two cannibals fall in love? Oscar nominee Timothy Chalamet reunites him with the “Call Me By Your Name” director for the new movie “Bones and All”.

This film tells a unique love story that pairs Chalamet with Taylor Russell.