(WTNH) – This weekend, nothing can stop it. It’s taking over the world. You can only look up in awe with your jaws dropped.

No, it’s not an alien invasion movie or the latest Godzilla. It’s “The Eras Tour.” And those jaws are only dropped for so long before the singing-along starts.

Taylor Swift’s concert pic is headed toward a 200 million global opening with more than 100 million is advanced ticket sales. People were buying these tickets in August!

There’s obviously no bad blood from fans who couldn’t score tickets to Swift’s tour this year. You shake it off and get through the cruel summer of hearing about it, but in your wildest dreams did you think you’d see the whole thing at your local movie house?

Swift reacted to the concert chaos by saying don’t blame me and moved ahead with an unprecedented deal with AMC Theaters after a look what you made me do to Swifties.

Almost three hours of being enchanted with the pageantry, the hits, the gorgeous spectacle of it all.

So grab your popcorn and your cardigan- are you ready for it?