At the Movies – ‘The Kitchen,’ ‘Dora The Explorer’ and ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’


(WTNH)– ‘The Kitchen’…sounds like a sequel to ‘The Help,’ doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s not. In fact, you couldn’t get farther away.

Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss play Hell’s Kitchen housewives in the 70’s who have one other thing in common: their husbands are jailbirds. So, what are these women to do with their gangster husbands doing time? Fill in for them, of course!

Probably a welcome reprieve for movie lovers with comic book fatigue…except ‘The Kitchen’ is actually based on a comic book, by DC’s Vertigo Imprint. Yep – from Superman to The Kitchen.

As for the kids, they’re finally getting their ‘Dora The Explorer’ live action movie. I hated when my daughter outgrew Dora. I missed her. Outgrowing Spongebob would be unacceptable. Here the popular Nickelodeon character is a high schooler though, and her mom is former ‘Desperate Housewife’ Eva Longoria.

Mom – and dad – need rescuing from a lost Incan civilization, so no sooner is Dora mastering her locker combination is she off with her cousin Diego and, of course, Boots the monkey. I mean, ya don’t get Shaggy without Scooby.

‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’ gets a live action film too. These almost 40-year-old horror anthologies boast iconic illustrations. Who better to bring those to life than Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro? From ‘The Shape Of Water’ to ‘Pacific Rim’ to ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ with Del Toro at the helm ‘Scary Stories’ won’t even need to be told in the dark to be scary.

It’s rated PG-13. Dora is PG. And The Kitchen is rated R.

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