At the Movies: ‘The Last Days of American Crime’ and ‘Shirley’


Netflix’s Chris Hemsworth action flick ‘Extraction’ was so awesome, fans want more. Heck, some even made their own action movies. Pretty solid ones too.

Netflix does it again this weekend with ‘The Last Days of American Crime.’ Based on a graphic novel and boasting a very cool concept, it stars Edgar Ramirez from ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the ‘Point Break’ remake and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Michael Pitt who just steals scene after scene.

It’s the near future. Paper currency is a thing of the past. And crime is on the rise. To the point of the government creating a signal that will paralyze anyone knowingly committing a crime. It’s called the API, the American Peace Initiative. And the night before it’s to begin being broadcast, our two small-time protagonists team up with a hacker to commit a heist that will be…The last crime in American history.

Directed by the guy who gave us the ‘Taken’ franchise, we can all count on a lot of fists being thrown…and landing.

There’s also ‘Shirley,’ starring the ubiquitous and formidable Elisabeth Moss. The Shirley in question is Jackson, the horror writer behind ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and so much more. Turns out the writer could be as chilling as the stuff she produced and moss nails the whole volcano about to erupt vibe at play. Indie at its finest.

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