At the Movies: “The Marksman” and “Outside the Wire”


Well, it wouldn’t be January if Liam Neeson wasn’t taking out bad guys and saying cool things really calmly while doing it.

“The Marksman” is Neeson’s latest, and this time he’s doing it with a cowboy hat on and a pooch by his side. He’s always former something. and here it’s former marine. And the bad guys in question are a cartel looking to take the little boy from him that he rescued at the border. Not gonna happen.

Nice to see the Neeson and a little boy dynamic, a la “Love Actually,” again, but this is blood, actually. And lots of it.

At home, it’s “Outside the Wire,” from the same folks who made Netflix a major player with action movies last year with “Extraction” and “The Old Guard.”

Marvel’s Anthony Mackie is an action hero here too; an android soldier. His mission is to recover a doomsday device in a deadly military zone, and his partner is a pilot who has recently fallen from grace. Plus he’s no android. But that’s not a problem for Mackie’s super-soldier, who tells him he’s special enough for the both of them. Sounds like getting the shield in “Avengers End Game” went to his head.

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