(WTNH) — With Thanksgiving around the corner, are you thinking about ‘The Menu’ this weekend?

We mean the movie, of course! Though that Thanksgiving turkey sounds good, too.

Ralph Fiennes plays a celebrity chef in a remote location, whose food might just literally be to die for. The movie also stars Anya Taylor Joy, and Adam McKay is one of the few twisted minds who are behind this foodie/comedy/horror flick hybrid.

In ‘The Menu’, Hawthorne’s is an exclusive restaurant that only those in the know, and those who have the dough, can get into. But what exactly is on the menu? At $1,000 a person, it may be best not to ask what you’re eating.

Brad Pitt is the producer behind ‘She Said’, where Harvey Weinstein finally gets what’s coming to him on the big screen. This film features powerhouse performances by Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan, who play the journalists taking him down.

Lastly, a special nod to ‘A Christmas Story Christmas’ on HBO Max, the sequel to the iconic ‘Christmas Story’ classic. In this movie, you guessed it, we get a look at grown-up Ralphie!

And Grover Dill, the bully from the original film, is out for revenge.