(WTNH) – It’s the Minions vs. Maverick at the box office this week.

‘Top Gun’ has lost its top sport this weekend for sure, said movie aficionado, Vinnie Penn. ‘The Rise of Gru’ is what the fans have been waiting for, an incredible origin story for Gru.

It’s set in the 70s and young Gru, still voiced by Steve Carell, wants to join a group of villains known as the Vicious Six. Essentially our young protagonist (sorry, antagonist) blows his interview, and now instead has six new enemies to deal with.

But, he’s got the minions on his side!

Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren lend their voices in the film, which critics said will crack dads up in theaters, and Julie Andrews is also along for the ride.

For anyone who wants to see a late-night movie premiere, be sure to check out ‘The Black Phone’. This is the latest Blumhouse horror flick which stars Ethan Hawke as a magician who terrorizes kids in a small 70s town.