At the Movies: ‘The Way Back’ and ‘Onward’


(WTNH) — Will “The Way Back” be Ben Affleck’s way back to the warm embrace of critics and the big box office?

Critics, and even fans, weren’t kind to his Batman, but the box office actually was. “The Way Back” has its autobiographical elements; Affleck’s character’s got demons. Fresh out of rehab, lost his family, seeking redemption.

Here he looks for it as a basketball coach at his alma mater, and his unruly team sure needs the help. Directed by the same guy who gave sports movies fans the beloved Kurt Russell flick “Miracle,” “The Way Back” reminds me of that old TV show “The White Shadow.” I hope there’s a character named Salami!

Now, onward to “Onward,” a Pixar flick for the kids that even parents will dig. Two elf brothers get to bring their father back, who one of the brothers never even met before, but they only get 24 hours with him. Isn’t that something we’d all love?

They screw up the spell though and only get back his legs, which they have to carry around. It all gets very “Weekend at Bernie’s,” and very funny. I mean, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland do lend their voices.

“Onward” rated PG and “The Way Back” is rated R.

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