At the Movies: “The Wretched” and “The Quarry”


The drive-in to the rescue? Many are opening this weekend – in parts of the country anyway – and will in Connecticut soon enough. Until then, here’s what coming to a living room near you:

“The Wretched,” a truly terrifying movie starring former Disney star Piper Curda. She plays Mallory, girlfriend to Ben; his parents are going through a divorce, which is hard enough. But then a thousand-year-old witch takes over the body of the mom living next door to him, and that’s where a little guy Ben feels like a big brother to lives.

So a teenager already ticked at parents gets to take all his frustrations out on one on his own street. Sweet. Except “The Wretched” has some very real scares, written and directed by Brothers Brett and Drew Pierce.

There’s also Oscar nominee Michael Shannon in “The Quarry.” Fresh from “Knives out,” you may know Shannon best as either General Zod or from HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” About as intense as one can get, Shannon is the sheriff in a town where the new preacher is scoring points with everyone except him, and for good reason. He’s no preacher at all, but a fugitive who killed the man and is now posing on him. Yeah, this time around Shannon is the good guy. Just…Again…A really intense one.

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