(WTNH) – Oscar-winner Christian Bale is jumping from DC to the MCU, from hero to villain in ‘Thor Love and Thunder’.

Bale is making a huge leap from roles such as his iconic portrayal of Batman to a formidable threat: Gorr the God Butcher. This does not bode well for Thor, the film’s protagonist, and a god himself.

Another Oscar-winner, Natalie Portman, is also in the film. She is returning to revive her role as Jane Foster in this franchise’s fourth movie, and this time, she has a hammer all her own.

Now in this film, Thor begins his journey in a surprising state: retired! He is playing video games and drinking beers, but retirement is short-lived. Cue the training montage so that Thor, Jane, and the Guardians of the Galaxy can end the butchering.

Some are saying ‘Love and Thunder’ borders on fairy-tale, but who doesn’t love a good one?