At the Movies – “Toy Story 4” and “Child’s Play”


This weekend Woody, Buzz and the gang…go out with a bang. And plenty of tissues too. “Toy Story 4″ officially kicks off summer.

 It was already heartbreaking to see their owner Andy grow out of playing with them and give them away to little Bonnie. Now we learn that Bonnie makes her own toys – like “Forky,” a spork /popsicle stick hybrid – but she’s gotten new toys too. Some plushies, voiced by a reunited Key and Peele, an action figure voiced by John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves.

But it’s always about stalwart Woody, and the heart Tom Hanks gives to everything the outdated toy says. Woody knew Buzz was the future of toys, here he is teacher to a homemade one. But it’s when he stumbles into an antique shop when Woody realizes what he truly is. 

Hats off to the movie studio exec who decided this would be a great weekend to release the new “Child’s Play” too. 

Theater one, “Toy Story 4,” theater two, another movie about a toy coming to life. His name is Chucky but he goes on a killing spree, kids! “Child’s Play” movies never stopped getting made – like ever – but this is an actual reboot, starring Aubrey Plaza and Chucky voiced by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, which is kinda like the bionic woman being the new voice for Annabelle. 

Chucky is rated R and Toy Story rated G.  

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