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This weekend Jordan Peele does a jump over the dreaded sophomore slump. In his second outing since his Oscar-winning debut, ‘Get Out,’ Peele continues to deliver as far as freak-outs are concerned. In fact, there’s way more of ’em here. 

‘Us’ is about the Wilsons, a California family of four on vacation with friends in Santa Cruz. Mom Adelaide, played by former Yalie, and Oscar winner herself Lupita Nyongo – ain’t feelin’ the beach though. How could she? She was traumatized at one as a kid. 

But I suppose that would be a fear one would have to get over, no? Friends would be hard to come by for “that girl who hates the beach.” So here she is taking her own when one wanders off for a similar scare. The family is visited that night by intruders….who are doubles of them. Except they have scissors and want to slit some throats. 

In a truly chilling moment, dad Gabe, played by Winston Duke, asks what they are and gets this answer: “we’re Americans.” It’s the Adelaide double who answers, too – the only double who speaks. And in a crazy scary voice!

Lupita pulls brilliant double duty as mom and predator mom. Be ready to jump with “Us.” With Peele’s “Twilight Zone” reboot coming to TV soon, comedy is clearly off the table. That means definitely no “Meegan: The Movie,” or even him simply directing his old pal key in a big screen “Mccringleberry: The Movie,” despite all the letters I’ve written. 

“Us” is rated R for good reason.   

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