At the Movies – “Venom” and “A Star Is Born”


In this corner: the latest superhero movie. And in this corner: the third remake of a film that first came out in 1937. “Venom” versus “A Star Is Born.”

‘Venom’ has already been on the big screen too, in 2007’s ‘Spider-Man Three.’ But this time around Oscar-nominee Tom Hardy has the role. He’s a reporter named Eddie Brock, battling to keep an alien parasite that’s latched on to him at bay, giving his most physical performance to date. 

He’s like Jack Tripper on acid. Ultimately ‘Venom’ will be unleashed, on an evil tech mogul using cancer patients as guinea pigs. Classic Jekyll and Hyde stuff, but thanks to CGI, Hardy doesn’t have to sit in a makeup chair for hours. 

Lady Gaga didn’t either, for her big screen debut as Ally in “A Star Is Born.” See, the deal in this movie has always been “she’s so talented – too bad she’s so darn unattractive.” Ah, such a timeless, positive message. But hey in every version her male lead falls for her anyway! 

Yet this is Lady Gaga, just with her actual hair color. They didn’t even give her a prosthetic nose. This is ugly? Then I can no longer be seen on film doing this segment! She’s a knockout, and knocks it out of the park, as does Bradley Cooper, singing and directing for the first time on film. 

Oh, and Andrew Dice Clay gets some screen time as Ally’s father. Yeah, they want us to believe the Diceman could be Gaga’s dad, too. Willful suspension of disbelief working overtime on this one.

‘Venom’ is rated PG-13 and ‘A Star Is Born’ is rated R. 

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