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At the Movies: “Vivarium” and “Banana Split”


(WTNH) — With movie theaters closed, we’re seeing some sweet home theaters on social media. #stayhome!

Connecticut is watching its fair share of movies! “Onward'” and Vin Diesel’s “Bloodshot” are the two most recent big-screen releases to make it to your house in record time, but there’s newer stuff still.

“Vivarium,” stars Imogen Poots, just in “Black Christmas,” and our most recent Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg. It’s a movie that’s timely in the craziest of ways; they’re a couple trapped at home. But they’re truly trapped, and it’s not even their house. They’re house-hunting and wind up being unable to find their way out of a labyrinth, which doubles as a new housing development called ‘Yonder’. Every house is identical, so they cave and start living in the house they were looking at. Things go from comedic to creepy just like that, with one heck of a twist.

“Banana Split” is a rom-com starring the Sprouse twin that isn’t on TV’s “Riverdale.” The film begins with Dylan Sprouse’s character’s relationship with April, played by Hannah Marks, coming to an end. A hilarious teen you can’t help but root for, when April learns that he begins dating a new girl you’re with her in hoping the girl is a monster. But she’s the complete opposite. She and April become friends. There are no secrets kept, but there are rules: no talking about you-know-who. That gets harder as that relationship continues on and the two girls actually become best friends. It’s like if “Thelma and Louise” had a prequel. They get that close. And you just know it’s a car headed for a cliff.

Both “Vivarium” and “Banana Split” are rated R.

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