(WTNH) — Marvel comic book fans have been waiting a long time for the sub-mariner. We’re finally getting him in ‘Wakanda Forever,’ the sequel to ‘Black Panther.’

Sadly, Oscar Nominee Chadwick Boseman lost his battle with cancer since that movie was released in 2018, so he can no longer wear the costume. Who will is the big question behind ‘Wakanda Forever,’ as the nation appears ripe for the taking by Namor, who leads an ancient civilization of underwater dwellers.

T’Challa’s sister, his mother, his lady, played by Yale grad Lupita N’yongo, Oscar winner, are all in mourning. And one of them is going to don those claws to defend Wakanda. Or is it more than one?

Oh, and Namor is Marvel’s oldest character — first appeared in 1939. You can call me a geek, but my first girlfriend when I was 26 said I wasn’t.