Conn. (WTNH) — Noah Baumbach is bach. Last time was his truly update ‘Marriage Story’ in 2019, starring Adam Driver. Driver’s back too, in ‘White Noise.’

This is the first time Baumbach hasn’t written his script, adapting a 1984 novel. The story is very 1984, with its chemical leaks, nuclear nightmares, and fear of World War III. And it’s a comedy! Driver plays a professor, married to Director Greta Gerwig, returning to acting. They’ve got to grab the kids and go when a black cloud appears over their small town. Driver’s a neurotic here, someone Kylo Ren would have just put out of his misery.

‘Spoiler Alert’ readies Oscar Winner Sally Field for another nomination. She’s mom to a terminally ill son who just found love with Jim Parsons, going from the Big Bang Theory to the big screen. No Leonard Nimoy references to be made.