At the Movies: ‘Wrath of Man’ and ‘The Water Man’


The summer movie season has arrived. My man, Jason Statham is directed by Guy Ritchie again in “Wrath of Man”. Statham rules when it comes to heist movies. He’s even called H in the film.

He’s on the level as it begins, moving millions of dollars around LA every week for a company, but he’s really looking for the people who murdered his son during a past heist.

Yeah, he’s setting a trap for robbers every week until they pick the wrong truck one day. So this is heist plus vengeance. That equals Statham.

There’s also a really wild movie, “The Water Man”. The Boone family just moved to a small town and dad’s home from the Navy with a samurai sword that his son takes to.

Mom, played by Rosario Dawson, is too sick to notice. There’s a local legend about a waterman, who can resurrect the dead. The little guy takes off on an adventure to find him to save his mom.

The fable is executive produced by none other than Oprah. Maybe the whole audience will get new cars – who knows?

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