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At the Movies:”Countdown” and “Black and Blue”


(WTNH) — Flip a coin this weekend; it’s a choice between chills and thrills.

Looking for chills? “Countdown” is a movie about an app that can tell you exactly when you’re going to die. The catch is, if you download it and it says “Less than a minute”, it’s lights out. Oh yeah, “Countdown” is not a Dick Clark biopic.

A young nurse played by up-and-comer Elizabeth Lail from the hit Lifetime series “You,” thinks she’ll simply uninstall the countdown app and all will be well. She couldn’t be more wrong. The app just keeps popping up, as do the deaths and the scares.

Looking for thrills? Then it’s “Black and Blue.” A rookie officer captures the murder of a drug dealer on her body cam and takes a few bullets to her chest. The up-and-comer here, Naomie Harris, survives thanks to her bullet proof vest, but is now on the run. In a big way.

See, it’s her own partner who pulled the trigger, so she’s got dirty cops after her and a neighborhood that doesn’t want any part of this. They even take her to task for bringing it to their doors. It’s a nail-biter of a movie, to be sure. Something tells me Harris’ rookie Alicia West would definitely be checking that countdown app.

“Black and Blue” is rated R and “Countdown” is PG-13.

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