At the Movies: "Skyscraper"

(WTNH) - What's a summer without a movie starring The Rock? Unthinkable is what it is! But this time around it's no fifth installment in a franchise or reboot of a franchise - it's "Skyscraper," a huge movie about a huge building.

It's called the pearl and it's the biggest building in the world. Even if it is made up. The 240-story building has 100 floors, and basically is a reboot, of 'The Towering Inferno.' Cuz this sucker goes up in flames and who else can save everyone in a situation like this but The Rock? I mean, really. 

Here he plays will Sawyer, former FBI, lost a leg, now a security consultant, and the pearl is his latest gig. And some terrorists set it ablaze to smoke out a billionaire's flash drive locked away in his penthouse on the top floor. 

Boy, did they pick the wrong building. The Rock's prosthetic leg does not slow him one bit when it comes to running, jumping, karate-kicking, and there's plenty of all of that here. 

He's described it as being a tribute to 'Die Hard.' I bet it's yippee kayay-free, though. 

Look, it's The Rock, the CGI is eye-popping, and the action is non-stop. If inane ain't your cup of tea, there's always Hotel Transylvania 3. 

'Skyscraper' is rated pg-13. 

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