NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — What would you do for a good slice of pizza?

Connecticut ranked among the states most obsessed with pizza, according to a new report by The site utilized search data for the term “pizza” on Google Trends from 2018 through 2022 to determine which states favored — and consistently searched for — the dish.

new proposal in the state legislature suggests making pizza the official food of Connecticut.

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The Nutmeg State took the third spot for most-obsessed, following Delaware and Rhode Island. The search found that Rhode Island led the country each year for the past five years in its searches for pizza.

In general, the east coast definitely has pizza on its mind. The report found that the top five states, and six of the top seven, are on the east coast.

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So, where’s the best pie in Connecticut?

While there are die-hard Frank Pepe fans and dedicated Sally’s lovers, pizza shops are highly-ranked across the state. According to Yelp, New Haven’s Zeneli Pizzeria e cucina Napoletana has the highest reviews, followed by Glastonbury’s Pizzeria Sassano and Little Rendezvous in Meriden.